WIP Wednesday 148 – Nachtfalter KAL Progress

Happy WIP-Wednesday everyone!

KAL Week 1So, we’re having this KAL with my Nachtfalter pattern –  hosted at Holla Knits and conducted by Katie Canavan from Under the Red Umbrella. And, what can I say: Even though I designed this pattern and knitted it about 1 1/2 times before, I’m quite enjoying myself.

I’ve already finished this week’s goal (knit the complete ribbing) and it’s a good thing I have some proposal writing and swatch knitting to do, or I’d pull another all-nighter and probably finish the first half of the lace today…

There’s a lot of chatter in the KAL forum on Ravelry – Nachtfalter knitters are a talkative and creative bunch it seems. There’s a lot of customization, modifications and adjusting going on – so if you plan on knitting this baby for yourself, be sure to check it out!

Do you have your own WIP to share or want to look at other great projects? Hop over to Tamis Ami’s and join the crowd!

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